Devizes Food & Drink Festival is sponsored by Wadworth Brewery

(Updated May 13th 2018) :-

Most of week 2 of the Festival is now sold out but you can still get a ticket for the fabulous Cocktail Party on Friday next.
Three cocktails & non-stop canapes are included in the entrance price. Come and let your hair down!
Tickets are on sale at Devizes Books and On-line.

The History of Beer Event has been cancelled, unfortunately. If you have tickets, we will contact you to arrange a full refund.

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Help us put on the 2018 Festival! We need helpers for all sorts of tasks, big and small.
It's rewarding and fun, a good way to meet people.
Here's how

Monday, 24 August 2015

Come Dine With Us, 2016

One of the highlights of the Devizes Food Festival is the dining with strangers event which used to be known as 'Guest Who's Coming To Dinner' but was renamed as 'Come Dine With Us' for 2015.

Six complete strangers meet up for a meal in the home of a host they have also never met before. Your ticket price covers the cost of the meal but you bring your own preferred tipple.

The food may be homely or grand, that is up to the host. Unlike the TV programme of similar name, we don't ask them to provide you with entertainment or show off their belly dancing skills and there's no marking or prizes involved. The main aim is to make new friends and have a good time.
If you are new to Devizes this is a great way to meet people.

 It looks like there will be plenty of new hosts next time which means more places available and some interesting new venues for their lucky guests!

The date for the 2016 'Come Dine With Us' will be:
Saturday, 12th March 2016. 

so make a note in your diary!

Tickets will be available in February 2016

Come Dine With Us
Devizes Food Festival 2016

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hosting 'Come Dine With Us'

The Devizes Food and Drink Festival organisers are always looking for people to host our "Come Dine With Us" dinners, one of the most enjoyable events of the Festival calendar.

If you agree to be a host, 6* complete strangers will come to your home for an Evening Meal you have produced for them. Your food can be as grand or as simple as you wish but you are expected to work within a (generous) budget. Guests bring their own drinks.

It's up to you whether you join the guests for each course but they will want you to spend plenty of time with them.

Unlike the TV programme you don't need to provide belly dancers or other entertainment and you won't be scored. What matters is that everyone has a good time.

In return you get to meet new friends and show them your hosting skills and home. You'll also have the warm glow of participating in Devizes premier Food Event and contributing to our very special community.
Hosts receive a voucher for a half-price ticket at the celebrated Food Festival Cocktail Evening held at the Town Hall, Devizes during the Food Festival.

Other Information

The Event Organiser will advise you of the budget for each guest.

You will need to supply a copy of your menu to the organiser shortly before the event to help in allocating guests to hosts. 

*Please tell the Event Organiser if you are able to host guests with special dietary requirements or can accommodate more than six. 

You will be told which guests have been allocated to you a couple of days before the event.

You will be able to claim the costs of the meal (not exceeding the allowed budget) from the Festival Treasurer. Your claim will need to be supported by receipts so hang on to them! (You can provide a written list for smaller items purchased from market traders or taken from your own larder). Please include a copy of the menu you provided. Don't forget to include you name and contact details in case of queries. Claims are usually paid within a week by cheque or by bank transfer if you prefer (please supply account details).

For details of how to take part 
contact us via our profile page