Devizes Food & Drink Festival logo

Pineapples! Why? Where?

Pineapple illustration for Devizes Food & Drink FestivalSpotted that cheeky pineapple, getting into the act on our logo? Why is it there?

Well, Devizes has a historic connection. In 1769, one Adam Taylor ‘A Gardener near Devizes’ published a treatise on how to grow a pineapple. Reason enough for us to adopt it, but more so when we learned the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and friendship… 

Get hunting and pick up a Pineapple Trail Sheet (for a small contribution) from Devizes Books in Sidmouth Street. CW Butchers in the Brittox, or Wiltshire Museum in Long Street during the Festival.

You will also be able to visit the Museum for a fascinating display on the Pineapple, both in the Treatise, and local architecture.

Pineapples in history

We delved further…

  • The pineapple originally came from Brazil
  • It got its name from its resemblance to a pine cone
  • King Charles II was an early consumer, being given one raised by his gardener, John Rose, so he had a portrait painted with it
  • Carved pineapples often feature on grand gateposts, as a symbol of welcome
  • Sea captains in New England used to impale a pineapple on their fence, to show friends they were home and ready for visitors

Who’s this, then?

Princess pineapple design in shop window

Princess Pineapple, and her 11 friends, will be peeking out from shop windows throughout Devizes. Children and their families are invited to pick an entry form, and tell us in which shop they were spotted.

All completed forms will go into a draw, which will be drawn at the end of the Festival.

Entry forms are available from Devizes Books and the Museum, 50p each.