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Rutts Lane Cider

A small craft cider & perry producer which uses apples that would mostly otherwise be wasted. Only local apples are used for Rutts Gold Cider, while other ciders are made from West Country cider apples from selected specialist orchards in Dorset and Hereford. If you have a productive apple tree, read on.

Rutts Lane Cider collects from large orchards, small orchards and single trees in peoples’ gardens.  If you are local and have more apples than you can use please contact them to see if they could be used for next year’s cider. Their long hooked poles can shake them down from even the highest branches. They are particularly interested in old pear trees that have pears that don’t taste very nice. Visit the stall if you want to know more.

They will have a new “Rascal” (sweet cider) this year made from a different apple blend that is proving very popular. Also there is a new Perry this year from a pear called “Green Horse”, should be interesting.

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