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The Jubilee Sandwich

We asked for suggestions for a sandwich to celebrate the Jubilee, and in they poured.

Whittled down to seven yummy ideas, our team of judges munched away and gave marks for Appearance, Taste, Feasibility (to be sold in a busy sandwich shop) and Would The Queen Like It?   Judging was done by Geoff Baker, who had the original idea for the contest, Devizes royalty former mayor Chris Gay, and Frank Feltham, owner of Jack Spratt’s Sandwich Bar, who has in his time sent goodies from Fortnums to Buckingham Palace, and sponsored the competition.

And the winner is Penny Payne of Braydon, for her creation of buttered brown bread, cream cheese, black pepper, walnuts and dates. It was inspired by childhood memories of her mum taking her to James Howell’s department store in Cardiff for a special treat.

A Date with the Queen will be on sale at Jack Spratt’s from Tuesday 7th June.

It was a close run thing, with all the finalists submitting delicious ideas, and the runners up (in no particular order) were Elizabeth Frearson, Dora Kan, Brendan Groves, Toni Rotherham, Briony Simpson and Jill Newton.