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The Magnificent Seed

Award winning, bee-friendly rapeseed oil grown and cold pressed on farm on Salisbury Plain.  You can even get a postcard of the field it came from!

At The Magnificent Seed the oil is grown without insecticide and cold pressed and bottled in small batches on a family farm.

Everything  is driven by looking after the rapeseed – getting the best taste and nutrition  from it, and protecting that until it hits customers’ plates.

Rapeseed just is naturally magnificent when looked after carefully. In fact some people call its oil liquid gold. At The Magnificent Seed oil  is treasured from the field, and they hope you will enjoy it as much as they do.

“An excellent example of rapeseed oil, very delicate and a great alternative to the heavier, more overpowering olive oil, resulting in a tasty dish where the natural flavours can really sing.

“Faultless provenance, from seed to bottling on site, and a true example of British farming at its finest… outstanding sustainable approach to production and waste.”

Proud to be Wiltshire Life’s Independent Food Producer of the year 2021.

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